Portability of latex mattresses

Hi granitic,

With a component latex mattress that has individual unglued layers and an zip cover you can unzip the cover and roll up the individual layers and vacuum compress them to transport them. There are some instructions from one of our members in post #5 here and there are also some instructions here and some videos here and here that will show you how to roll and vacuum compress latex.

With a “finished” mattress with glued layers though like the two at Sleeponlatex or the BME you would need to put them in a mattress box and transport them as a complete mattress because they are too thick to roll them up or compress them.

Once they are in the box then you could carry and transport them relatively easily although it would take two people because they would be heavy. Which one would be easier would depend on the weight and I don’t know the weights of each of the mattresses you mentioned but they would be able to tell you if you call them.

You could also cover them in plastic or a mattress bag to protect them but they will be more floppy than if they are in a box which would make them more difficult to carry and transport.