Priage Euro Box Top Mattress

Hi elapid,

The value of a mattress purchase is partly subjective and partly objective (see post #13 here).

The iCoil tells me that it’s a Zinus mattress (see here) which is a Chinese manufacturer that makes a wide range of mattress brands including Night Therapy, Spa Sensations, Vivon, Keetsa, and many others. They are CertiPUR certified but they are also shipped compressed from China which can lead to durability issues (see post #6 here).

In addition to the higher level of uncertainty that goes with purchasing a Chinese mattress … they also don’t provide any information about the quality of the material in the mattress (see here) so it’s not possible to make any other meaningful comments about it. A forum search on Zinus (you can just click the link) will bring up more information and feedback about them.

If you can find out specifics of all the layers and components in the mattress and post them on the forum I’d be happy to make some comments about the quality of the materials in the mattress or the mattress as a whole but without this (and probably even with this considering that the quality of the materials are likely to be quite low) this would be a very high risk purchase.

As you probably know already … Simmons also uses some very low quality/density materials in their mattresses and most of them also have significant weak links in their design and would be a very high risk purchase as well.