Putting the layers together - overview

Hi Kristy93292,

You are correct about some of your old components “losing resiliency” and a general feeling of losing support over time. That makes sense; they will break down over time, as you well know.

I do not belive that the latex is the cause of the lack of support and sinking hips that you’ve been experiancing. Most components and materials, including latex, come in firmer or softer versions suitable for different comfort/support applications or personal needs. A 30 ILD medium latex support core would not offer the aprropriate support for most people. A polyfoam core can certainly give enough support, but again it does depend on a number of factors such as the ILD specification mentioned above and the density of the layer which will tell you how durable this wil be. Please take a look some of our polyfoam articles this article about durability, and this article about polyfoam support cores. Also, make sure you check your BMI to use it when you check your durability guidelines here.

Most likely not, as it is very hard to compare two very general technologies. I’d recommend that you first read about innerspring support and also some basic information on microcoils. You are correct that generally … a pocket spring core costs slightly more than polyfoam or traditional innersprings because they require a more complex construction. Bear in mind too that a foam core usually does best with a solid foundation while a pocket spring will usually do best with a box spring (which can be more expensive).

There is more about the different types of innersprings in post #10 here and in post #16 here . I would pay the most attention to your own careful and objective testing which will tell you how the innerspring performs in combination with the other layers and materials in a mattress (versus using a latex core) and to the quality of the materials above the innerspring which is normally the weakest link in a mattress. You certainly can find a comfortable combination using springs or polyfoam (or even latex if the budget allows).

Nice work not making rash decisions, some people can get carried away trying too many things. Thanks for the post.