Quality foam mattresses? and local manufacturer location?

Hi Cdale06,

You may have seen this but just in case post #1 here includes the steps and information that will greatly increase your odds of finding the best possible quality and value mattress possible.

The local manufacturers that are within reasonable driving distance of you (100 miles) include …

http://www.originalmattress.com/ Cuyahoga Falls, Butler, Cranberry, Beaver Valley, PA and others in the area. Regional factory direct that makes a wide range of mattresses including latex, memory foam, and innersprings with good quality and value.

Classic Bedding Manufacturing Company Conneaught Lake, PA. Local manufacturer. Makes a range of two sided innerspring mattresses and box springs in low to mid price ranges.

Rainbow Bedding Sugar Creek, OH. Local factory direct manufacturer. They make high quality innerspring mattresses of various types including latex with good value. They are in Amish country and don’t have a website but would well be worth investigating based on a long conversation I had with them about their mattresses. See this thread for some feedback and the attachment in post #3 here for more specific details about their mattresses.

Upland Industries Phone 330-852-2113 Sugarcreek, OH. Local manufacturer also in Amish country. Another small manufacturer that I have had a long conversation with that has no web presence and who makes mostly innerspring and polyfoam cores with various materials on top including latex. They only sell through retailers however a phone call will give you an outlet that carries them

Country Bedding Apple Creek, OH Another local manufacturer that makes some good quality/value mattresses. They have no phone but this thread and post #4 and #6 here will bring up some comments and feedback about them.

There are some very good quality/value choices here but they would require a drive.

I also took a look online at 20 or so retail outlets that were within about 25 miles of you and the list that follows includes the better local possibilities. They would require some phone calls and further research though along the lines of this article because they may not all understand the importance of disclosing the details of the materials in their mattresses and this is the only way to know the real quality and value of a mattress. Most retailers are not used to the types of questions that more informed consumers will ask. I’ve also listed the brands they carry that may have better quality/value (depending on the models they carry and their pricing) that I would focus on at each outlet if your phone calls indicate that they are a more knowledgeable and transparent retailer.

Dutch Craft Furnishings (not to be confused with Dutch Craft, the mattress manufacturer). They have been selling Dutch Craft Mattresses at a market place in Boardman since July, 2014. They are located at
The Valley Market Place
6121 South Ave.
Boardman, OH 44512
Phone: 330-550-4192
Hours: Thurs. 9-6, Fri. 9-8, Sat. 8-4
(I believe the owners names are Betty and Levi Yoder)

http://www.laskeysfurniture.com/ Boardman, OH. Imperial, Dutch Craft.

Mattresses, Bedding, Furniture in Youngtown, Boardman and Howland OH - Sleepy Hollow Sleep Shop Boardman, Howland, Austintown, Salem, Hermitage, OH. Symbol (including gel)

http://thequalitymattressoutlet.com/ Boardman, Austintown, Niles, OH. Englander, Restonic, Paramount.

http://allshouseappliance.com/ New Castle, PA. Spring Air, Symbol

http://www.thenaturalsleepshop.com/index.html Retailer in Cranberry Twp, PA. Carries Savvy Rest which is a high quality component latex mattress but is also in a premium price range so make some careful value comparisons.

If you do travel to the Cleveland or Pittsburgh area, then the Cleveland/Akron list is in post #2 here and the Pittsburgh list is in post #2 here. There is some overlap with the choices in this post.

None of the manufacturers or retail outlets are members of this site (although some have some very good value) but if the factory direct manufacturers are too far away for you and the local choices don’t have the quality/value that you want and you are comfortable with buying a mattress online, then there is a list of recommended manufacturers in post #21 here that are all members of this site and specialize in working with their customers online (or on the phone). They and have very good quality and value and are very good at helping their customers make good choices. They can also act as a value reference point for local purchases. All of these offer either a discount or a bonus to the members of the forum.

Hope this helps and don’t hesitate to post any questions you may have along the way.