Question about Dunlop latex from

Hi Phoenix,

We are considering constructing a 100 natural Dunlop DIY mattress and we are seriously considering buying the latex slabs from Karl has the best prices I have found on 100% natural Dunlop and he even offered to give us a 5% MU discount which was very generous.

But Karl will not disclose to us what brand of Dunlop he carries. From some threads in MU it looks like he carries Dunlop from Latexco. From his website he claims his Dunlop is eco institute tested (not Oeko tec certified). Is the latex from Latexco the same quality as the other molded Dunlop brands (ex. Latex green, Arpico, etc)? Is eco institute equivalent to Oeko tec certification)?

Thanks so much for all your help and great website!

Hi ps99115,

This isn’t unusual at all and many suppliers or manufacturers aren’t comfortable disclosing the name of their suppliers for competitive reasons and they would be under no obligation to do so. As long as they disclose the type and blend of latex then that would be all the information that a customer would need to make meaningful comparisons.

All the latex you are likely to encounter would be certified by either Oeko-Tex or Eco-Institut and I would consider either one of these to be equivalent … and any latex in general to be safe. Eco-Institut also certifies latex for it’s natural rubber content.