Saatva mattress review and analysis

I like the idea of the Serta Vantage.

I think that will be my next mattress.

Did a quick search, and it doesn’t seem to cost any more than a Saatva, if ordered directly from Serta.


I would think after sleeping on a Saatva you’d be more comfortable sleeping on 1972 Volkswagen Beetle. Have you seen some of the photos that were “suddenly” taken down due to “happiness”? They had all kinds of gullies, bumps, craters and peaks. When you call for a return Saatva doesn’t even want their product back. lol. They tell you to donate it somewhere. What does THAT tell you?

Hi WallyW,

I would be very cautious about choosing this mattress unless you can confirm the quality and durability of the materials inside it. There is more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here that can help you make more meaningful comparisons between mattresses but making a “blind purchase” with questionable quality materials in the comfort layers especially can be one of the biggest reasons for buyers remorse much too quickly after a purchase regardless of how a mattress may feel in a showroom or when it is new.

@ timetomoveon,

You can see some comments about Consumer reports mattress ratings and recommendations in post #2 here and in this topic. As you can see I (and most knowledgeable people in the industry) would consider them to be a unreliable source of guidance about purchasing a mattress.

@ itsbillhill,

Like other companies that do the same thing … at the very least it tells you that they don’t sell used mattresses.



Hi timetomoveon,

I certainly wouldn’t hold the fact that you are an engineer against you and i have been known to get fairly technical on occasion as well :slight_smile:

Your two cents and opinions are always welcome along with any others of course but you will find that if you talk with hundreds or even thousands of the more knowledgeable retailers and manufacturers in the industry (regardless of whether they are members here or not because the membership is currently only a small subset of the better quality/value mattresses that are available in the industry … see post #5 here) that the testing they do doesn’t reflect “real life” nearly as well as you may believe regardless of someone’s initial experiences on a mattress.

Anyone who understands how different mattresses are made to be suitable for some people and not for others will also understand that it can be very misleading and risky to make a mattress choice based on these types of specific recommendations for a specific mattress and that these types of recommendations will only be applicable to a small percentage of the population because there are so many variables involved in body type, sleeping positions, and personal preferences between different people not to mention the durability of a mattress. This is not just practical … it’s also “scientific”. It’s also much too early to know the durability of any mattress after only a few weeks or months (the durability of a good quality mattress should be measured in years … not weeks or months which is more indicative of the suitability of a mattress choice or a manufacturing defect).

In addition to being “somewhat technical” sometimes … I also enjoy a good game of poker and sometimes AA hole cards will lose and 2-7 offsuit will win regardless of the odds but regardless of whether you win or lose with any specific hand or on any specific day or week … the law of averages will always catch up with you in the end. My goal is always to shift the odds of success in favor of the consumer as much as possible by knowing what to look for and what to avoid based on the “preponderance of the evidence” that is available throughout the industry because no set of guidelines or suggestions will ever be “perfect” or be a guarantee of success.

There is an old saying that you can either learn from other people’s experiences or you can learn from your own but if you are happy with your purchase and you have been made aware of the risks and are comfortable with them then from my perspective you make a choice that was the “best for you” regardless of whether others would make the same choices as you did or not.


Response to Riley’s situation. Yup, We have seen it all before! smooth operators. people should not have to jump through hoops to get something that is promised up front. It’s a good thing the forum is here to help those select few that were not afraid to use it. It works with this company for sure.

Yup, We have seen it all before! smooth operators. people should not have to jump through hoops to get something that is promised up front. It’s a good thing the forum is here to help those select few that were not afraid to use it. It works with this company for sure.

@itsbillhill, I thought I posted pictures of the defective mattress, I don’t remember taking them down. Phoenix would know I guess but I thought I left them up. they were legit!

Hi Wishiknew,

I would completely agree with you on both of your points :slight_smile:


Hi poppanaldo,

Your pictures are still here.


I’m with “Timetomoveon” after my Saatva experience I went on to try a couple more Simmons and they failed to remain comfortable in short time as well. one of them was a brick. everything fell asleep but me on that one! I tried a Carolina platinum anniversary, this thing romanced me in the showroom. we laid on it for hours in the store on several occasions. and then 3 weeks later it was junk. so Serta is next. I have slept on these at hotels and my timeshare and they feel good. I am going with the hospitality model direct from Serta. I hope it works out. I am out of reasonable ideas.


I think if Saatva were to spend more time engineering and innovating and less time putting fancy wrap on the same tired old designs they might actually come up with a better product of their own. Instead of 39 or so different independent, and I’m guessing average to below, builders putting Saatva trim on their own mattresses (with Saatva specified ingredients of course) find 4 or 5 really good builders then I think the quality inconsistencies would be at a minimum and then they could spend less time policing forums for bad reviews. Put your head into and really improve on what is out there and you might not be able to find a bad review. they have the marketing down cold, they just need better product development. Just my opinion. they don’t actually build anything themselves, they are “mattress farmers” so to speak, just take the money and pass the ticket along to someone else to farm out. maybe the profits are high enough to absorb the losses and still make a good living. in that case why bother working right? I realize that like any other industry there must be planned obsolescence. We can’t make a product too good or last too long or we jeopardize our future existence. don’t know about you but when I buy something that fails prematurely I don’t buy it again, I look for something better. So why not give them something better, charge a bit more but give a bit more, then referrals and word of mouth, good reviews, not fake ones, but real ones will sell the product. but unfortunately we live in a disposable world of give less and get more for it because I want the shortcut to top of the ladder. so you have to put out a couple of fires along the way, no big deal. not everybody is going to piss and moan about their bad mattress they’ll just suck it up and move on, so it’s all about averages and the big wheel keeps turning.


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sorry to see you go. sounds like some Ed pressure coming your way. I understand that he is persuasive and comforting. A real smoothie and very friendly, like to get to know you on a more personal level, right?. did any of your conversations contain this phrase " I REALLY WISH YOU KNEW ME" " I’m not at all what you think" ? or something close to that.
but I suppose it is easier to remove the posts than choke on the request to write something nice if you really don’t feel it.

I didn’t realize he was deleting his post’s. This is pretty creepy. Does Ed offer money? A Saatva gift card? Unlimited sheets?

Nope, nothing like that. just schmoozes you into feeling guilty for ever posting a bad review. almost like making you feel as if it were your fault in the first place. it’s a genius skill set. He takes a personal interest in your health and wellbeing turns it into a misunderstanding and unfortunate event. ya know “fell through the cracks” not normal at all! It’s magic! he makes you feel like you want to write a nice review. and you do because… you are thankful that he “came to the rescue” and finally fixed that problem so you ended up not taking in the shorts after all. let’s face it, wouldn’t that make you feel a bit more “warm and fuzzy” ?

Hope Uncle Ed contacts me.