Select Foam Concerns

Hi jgt614,

Thanks for taking the time to share your unfortunate experiences with Select Foam.

It’s very disappointing to me to hear that they are still having issues with a lack of communications and slow customer service and unfortunately you aren’t the only one that has experienced these type of issues after a purchase as you can see in post #4 here and the posts it links to. This is also the reason that I included a link to the same post in their descriptions in the online lists here and here that are linked in the tutorial.

If I was in your shoes and I still wanted to purchase the mattress I would probably call and email them (both) one more time to let them know that if they aren’t able to ship the mattress in a reasonable timeframe (I would say no more than 48 hours) and confirm that the mattress has been shipped to your satisfaction (with a courier tracking number) and also confirm in writing that their trial period will begin when you receive the mattress that you intend to cancel the order.

It would also be understandable if you decided to cancel the order anyway given their lack of communications and followup in which case I would call and email them to cancel the order and request that they issue an immediate refund.

If they don’t respond to either one in a reasonable timeframe (I would suggest 48 hours once again) then I would initiate a dispute with your credit card.


NOTE ADDED: Because of ongoing customer service issues and delays Select Foam’s membership has been terminated and I would read the warning here before considering them.