select foam

Hi cabledade,

Thanks for taking the time to share some of your somewhat unfortunate experiences with Select Foam as well. As you can see in the rest of this topic and in the caution in post #4 here that is linked to their descriptions in the online lists … you certainly aren’t alone.

I completely agree with your comments here and if I was in your shoes and didn’t receive the pillow I ordered I would insist on a refund for your pillow as well and I don’t know of any legitimate reason that they wouldn’t provide it.

While they certainly sell some high quality/value mattresses … I also agree that their unacceptable after sale service and delays have taken a heavy toll on their reputation and they could (and should) be so much better than they are.

I talked to them not long ago about their membership here (see posts #4 and #6 here) and I also plan to call them this week to once again share my concerns and make sure they are aware of any outstanding issues that have been posted on the forum but unless they can provide a compelling reason why not, I plan to end their membership here by the end of this week because they just don’t appear to be committed to improving and finding a way to resolve their pattern of too many recurring customer service issues.

NOTE ADDED: Because of their ongoing customer service issues and delays their membership has now been terminated and I would read the warning here before considering them.