Sherwood Harmony Gel

Hi dudeitsmattk,

[quote]have you (or anyone else) heard anything good, bad, or otherwise about the quality of this particular mattress?

Or better yet, is there anything you see in these specs that is an automatic “red flag”.[/quote]

The only way to make any meaningful comments about the quality or durability of a mattress (good or bad) is by knowing the specifics of the material inside it and unfortunately I don’t know the specs for this particular mattress.

You can see some of my thoughts about Sherwood Bedding in post #2 here and as you can see in post #2 here I would consider some of their mattresses but I would be cautious with others depending on the specifics of the materials inside them. A forum search on Sherwood (you can just click the link) will bring up more information and comments about them as well but I would be very cautious about buying any mattress where you don’t know the specifics of the materials inside it regardless of the name of the manufacturer.

It may be a better idea for your retailer to call them because many wholesale manufacturers aren’t really set up to deal with customer enquiries and some will only provide this type of information to their retailers that sell them (and some won’t provide them at all even to their stores). You can see another example here of a customer that tried to contact Sherwood and they didn’t provide the information they wanted for “proprietary” reasons.

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in your area (subject to following all the steps in the tutorial post) would be listed in post #2 here for the Greater Los Angeles region or post #2 here for the Santa Barbara/Ventura area.

The link you posted in your last reply goes to a “404 page not found” error but I think this link may work. If the foams are coming from China I would read post #6 here because there would be a higher level of uncertainty about their quality/durability and I would also want to know the density of the base foam as well but the quality/density of the memory foam layers meet the guidelines here and they don’t have any obvious weak links.