Side sleeper but lot of time lying on back in bed


I’m new to the forum and I don’t know if I posted at the right place (I had big trouble finding a way to post). I’ve read a lot of information on this site, but I’m still not sure what kind of mattress I need.

I am a side sleeper and I read that I need a somehow soft mattress that will relieve tension points. However, I lay on my back in bed for many hours every day, as I read a lot and I am on computer even in bed (I have back problems so better for me this way).

So what should I choose? If I go too soft I think I wouldn’t be comfortable lying on my back in bed for many hours, but if I go the firm way I wouldn’t be comfortable sleeping on the side.

And what kind of material? My current mattress is 17 yo. I’d like to find one that I could keep at least 7 years.


Hello John667,

Spending a lot of time in bed while awake presents unique challenges when your primary reading/working position (on your back) is different than your primary sleeping position (on your side). Having back health issues adds to the complexity. An adjustable bed base should be part of your consideration during your mattress shopping journey; it will greatly enhance your in-bed experience while awake, the zero-gravity setting will do wonders for your back health, and you can have it auto-adjust to get your best position for when you sleep.

As far as the type of mattress material that is best suited for your complex needs, you seem to be on the right track in considering latex through your concurrent post on TMU. In the spirit of transparency, we must confess that Luma Sleep has a latex bias. :wink: A hybrid mattress is also worth evaluating, but we would caution you to stay away from memory foam/gel memory foam given your conflicting needs for back support and side sleeping comfort.

Hope this helps,

Team Luma


Sweet dreams! Just let us know if Luma Sleep can further assist.