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Yeah, that’s an interesting article, isn’t it? I read it yesterday. Information some of us involved in doing mattress research were aware of, but nice for someone to connect the dots. The cases with Casper and Purple are very different. The involvement of JAKK in the review site purchase and changes made soon thereafter are interesting, and I’ll be looking to see what happens eventually with the ownership of that site long-term. You should go to HMR and read the disclaimer that they have to place at the top of their web pages, and then click on the link that redirects to the most recent court ruling on that case and you can see the tangled web between that review site and a mattress company and even some of the false reviews a family member of that mattress company posted online. A lot of this is disgusting, but there’s so much money in affiliate advertising that things like this were bound to happen and eventually be exposed. But I know this isn’t the place for such discussions, and Phoenix keeps above such fray (probably for good reason), but as someone who has been following this, I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents.

The new Casper stuff has been discussed earlier on the forum, starting with this post. The Wave was discussed briefly here. And apparently Serta is suing them regarding the Wave for what they say is copying a patented design held by Serta.

Jeff Scheuer
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