SleepEZ = natural vs organic

Hi kisseer,

Unless you are in an unusually high weight range you certainly won’t “need” a latex mattress that was thicker than about 8" to 9" although some people may still prefer it. There is more about the pros and cons of a thicker latex mattress in post #14 here and more about the pros and cons of having more layers in post #2 here.

You’ve probably seen these already but the better options or possibilities I’m aware of within about 100 miles of Toledo (subject to the quality/value guidelines here) are listed in post #2 here and the forum list for Cleveland is in post #2 here.

As you know SleepEZ is a great quality/value choice and with an online component latex mattress the odds are very high that one of the basic layering combinations that would be possible with the initial layers they suggest would be a good “match” for most people in terms of PPP. In addition to this with their return/exchange policy there would still be good options available if one of the combinations of the original layers didn’t work out as well as you hoped for. A component latex mattress can certainly be a low risk choice that can make a lot of sense for those where there are no local options that would be in the same value range based on all the parts of their personal value equation that are most important to them.