SleepEZ Question: Organic vs. Natural

Hi LemonPan,

[quote]1. We want to avoid the heavy chemicals found in conventional mattresses. Savvy Rest talks a lot about how their mattresses don’t contain “toxic” chemicals. Does anyone know if the same is true for the SleepEz?

  1. Along the same line, I can’t seem to figure out what the difference is between the natural and organic latex that SleepEz offers. Can anyone shed light on that? [/quote]

None of the latex you are likely to encounter (whether it’s Dunlop or Talalay and made with synthetic rubber, natural rubber, or a blend of the two or whether it has an organic certification or not) contains “toxic chemicals” and all of them are certified either by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 or Eco-Institut for any harmful substances or VOC’s.

There is more about organic certifications in post #2 here and more about organic certified Dunlop latex (there is no certified organic Talalay latex) and how it compares to other types and blends of latex in post #6 here.

Savvy rest offers either 100% natural Talalay or 100% natural Dunlop (certified organic) in their mattresses but the mattress itself isn’t certified organic.

SleepEz offers either 100% natural Talalay, Blended Talalay, or 100% natural Dunlop but can also provide certified organic Dunlop by special request for those who want it and don’t mind the extra cost for what is basically the same product as 100% natural Dunlop.

Both of them have covers that use certified organic cotton and Savvy Rest uses organic wool and SleepEz uses natural Eco Wool. Neither one uses any harmful chemicals in their processing.