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About SnugSleep
Knowledge & Experience:
Snugsleep™ is a brand of quality wool bedding and natural latex mattress products in North Vancouver, Canada manufactured by Donan Marketing, which is a 40+ years family-owned business managed by Justin Eady and owned by his parents, Don and Anne Eady. They sell locally direct to the public and through a growing number of retailers and dealers throughout Canada, with a focus on the retail trade of 100% natural and organic latex mattresses and quality wool bedding. Donan Marketing’s factory showroom in North Vancouver, BC is open to the public, where latex mattresses and SnugSleep™ wool bedding are available for purchase. You can contact them anytime to set up an appointment for a personal mattress fitting.


SnugSleep’s most popular products:

Service: SnugSleep is well respected as a manufacturer of high-quality wool bedding products and are extremely skilled in helping their customers find the best sleeping system to meet specific needs and preferences both for couples and individual sleepers.
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Discount: 5% off the cart (For the newest discounts they have to offer please check out any Updated Discount Codes here)
Discount Code: SnugSleep-Save5

Note: All discounts offered to TMU consumer members are equal or higher to any other SnugSleep discounts.


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