Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company?

Hi BlackOutUT,

I guess the Seattle list isn’t much use to you if you are in the Dallas area and the Dallas list would be more helpful (I just added a Savvy Rest dealer which makes mattresses very similar to the SleepEZ that you have except they are in a higher price range).

I think if you are looking at a “higher end” mattress it would probably be helpful to define what you mean in terms of construction and the materials you would prefer in the mattress. The cost of a mattress isn’t a reliable way to know the quality of the materials inside it and the price of a mattress also has little to nothing to do with how well you may sleep on it or how suitable it may be for you in terms of PPP.

You already have what many people would consider to be a “higher end” mattress as latex is one of the more costly and higher quality materials that are used in mattresses. Of course different designs or options or more latex in more layers or other differences in construction or design can also increase the price and some manufacturers also charge much more for a mattress that is similar to yours in terms of quality and design.

A few of the more premium or “higher end” stores in the Dallas area (and this probably isn’t a complete list) includes … Hastens Duxiana Samina VI-Springs

There is also a list of some of some of the innerspring/natural fiber mattresses that are available in post #4 here and the same post also includes some of the ultra high end mattress manufacturers and you can check their websites (or send them an email) to see if they have any retailers that carry them that are close to you. These are not the type of mattresses that most people would consider for an online purchase though if they aren’t available to you locally.