Southeast Mattress Mfr Reccomendations?

Exhausted with the perfect mattress search! Just returned a Serta I series that wallowed and humped like most innersprings do after several years but did in less than a year. Almost decided to try another Serta or the Saatva and luckily found this site! Read the suggestion of going with a local manufacturer and found one in the 35124 zip that’s close to me called Royal Bedding. Any other suggestions or feedback on RB?

Hi clegg,

I know Tom and Royal Bedding well and think highly of him. You can see some of my thoughts about him in the Birmingham list in post #57 here and in other forum posts such as here and here as well but if I was in the Birmingham/Pelham area they would be the first (and probably the last) place I would include in my research.



Thanks so much for the recommendation on Tom and Royal Bedding! They are great! Almost walked away with the MT Choice,, but wanted to compare other similar all latex options from other manufacturers that may save a little money. It was over my budget of 2k and i’m willing to drive a little to save $500-1000, Huntsville, Montgomery, Atlanta, etc… Any suggestions?

Hi clegg,

Subject to the guidelines here …

The Huntsville, AL list is in post #2 here.

The Montgomery, AL list is in post #2 here but there aren’t many options in the area.

The Atlanta, GA list is in post #2 here.

There is also a list for Columbus, GA in post #2 here.