Specific Mattress recs

Just looking for a few specific mattress recs to start off my search.

I’m a 220 mostly side sleeper, but occasionally end up on my back or stomach

My wife is a 190 pound side/stomach sleeper

We had a Brooklyn bedding all latex that we used and loved for about 6 years before it seemed to decrease in comfort.

We tried a winkbeds luxury firm and found it was awful for us - woke daily with back pain

Now we have a 2-3 year old Luma sleep all latex (8 inch support layer with a 2 inch medium talalay layer and a 3 inch soft talalay layer). It was great initially but now has indentions and waking up with daily back pain.


Try Aireloom Preferred M1/M2 in Firm/Plush (4 mattresses). Dont buy Macys Airelooms though.


Hey cbmd81.

It’s hard to know for sure which mattress is going to be your perfect fit since everyones needs and preferences vary so widely, and what may be comfortable for me may be your absolute worst nightmare of a mattress :sweat_smile:

I’m surprised to hear there is damage to the foam after such a short period of time. Have you reached out to Luma about this?

Is the foam still indented if you place the mattress on the floor? What happens if you take the 3" soft layer off of the mattress?

While all of our Trusted Members have great offerings, you may find the Free Lifetime Renewal Exchange policy from Nest Bedding to be interesting or useful. You may also find the FloBeds big & tall mattress to be a good contender in your search.

I’d definitely start by reaching back out to Luma though. It’s possible they can troubleshoot your current mattress with you at a lesser cost than a totally new bed, especially if the issue is isolated to the comfort layer.


Thanks! I don’t see any obvious indentations in the base- I wonder if it’s strictly a topper issue. I am wondering if I can salvage the situation with some type of DIY modifications. Unfortunately it looks like Luma has gone out of business.