Stearns and Foster Replacement - Can anyone Help????

Hi stack,

Yes …every layer of a mattress interacts with and affects the feel and performance of a mattress to different degrees. This includes differences in layer thickness, layer firmness/softness, and the type of material used. There is more about some of the “specs” that can affect the feel and response of a mattress in post #2 here. Sometimes even changing the thickness of some layers by an inch or other seemingly minor changes can make a significant difference in how a mattress feels when you are building your own mattress with a combination of layers you haven’t tested together (see post #7 here) This is all part of the “art and science” of mattress design and construction.

Plywood will be very similar to the floor because neither one has any give and the layers over the plywood or the floor will have more to do with what you feel than what type of non flexing support system is underneath them.

When you are building your own mattress then the most reliable “blueprint” would be a mattress that you test locally that “works” well for you (or a mattress that is made by an online manufacturer that they suggest would work well “on average” for someone of your body type, sleeping positions, or preferences) that you can use as a model. Other than that you will be reliant on trial and error and the learning curve that comes from your own personal experience and experimentation. I would also read post #15 here and post #2 here and post #5 here about building your own mattress and DIY designs.