Thank you- had a great local purchasing experience because of your website

Hi 2grateful2Bhateful,

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Thank you for taking the time to provide the detailed commentary about your shopping experience, and I’ll add a few comments to your comments…

I’m sorry you had some difficulty in find out the specifications of the products at Mattressland Outlet. Fortunately, you knew the importance of gaining this information before considering an item for a purchase. While knowing about a warranty is important before making a purchase, warranties in general are not nearly as important to me as knowing the materials because the reason most people need to replace a mattress is not a manufacturing defect but the loss of comfort and/or support which is not covered by a warranty. Knowing the materials in a mattress will tell you how long the original qualities of a mattress will last relative to other types of materials. I’m glad you were focused upon that, and it does sound as if they may have needed to update some of their product specifications (at least on the warranty terms).

That’s just flat-out funny. :lol:

In most cases if you locally test a mattress very carefully following the testing guidelines you can usually get close enough to only need minor fine tuning in a mattress that doesn’t require an exchange or a return but of course there is always some risk in any mattress purchase and the tradeoff for a trial period that offers an exchange or return is that it increases the price of the mattress and the people that don’t exchange or return a mattress pay for the ones that do. If an exchange period is an important part of your personal value equation … then I would want one that was in the range of 30 days or so or more and I would look very carefully at the exchange (or return/refund) policy and costs involved. You can read a few more comments about exchange/return policies in post #9 here and in post #6 here and in post #25 here .

I’m glad you found the site and it was useful. To be fair/clear, I have nothing specifically against the "simplified choice" retailers in the industry, but you have to make sure to evaluate their items the same as anything you’d find in a brick and mortar retailer, and more importantly be aware of any potential return/exchange policies before considering a purchase, as you’d be ordering the item without being able to test it. There are some manufacturers in this part of the industry who do create a high-quality product, but be diligent with any of your evaluations.

Congratulations on your new Urban mattress! :cheer: You did make a choice of a product using better quality materials (6″ layer of 2.5 lb. 28 ILD polyfoam,1″ layer of 19 ILD latex, 2″ layer of 1.8 lb 24 ILD convoluted polyfoam, two (2) 1.5″ layers of 2.1 lb. polyfoam in quilt).

Mattress warranties cover defects in workmanship. The “average” for the industry is 1.5" for body impressions. And many mattress protector companies do offer a long-term stain-protection guarantee when you purchase the protector along with the mattress form an authorized retailer. Good job!

I’ll look forward to learning about how your mattress is performing for you once you’ve had a chance to sleep upon it for a while.