"The Green Mattress Co."

Someone in my local area is selling a King size mattress which they say is organic talalay (I know that’s not possible) and an organic cotton cover with 3 layers S/M/F for $790. The brand is listed as “The Green Mattress Co.” I looked around on the internet and it looks like the company was based in Chattanooga TN, but went out of business a few years ago. Just wondering if you’d heard of them and if it was an honest company selling quality products or if I should steer clear and keep saving for a SleepEZ or Flobed? Is there any way to tell if the talalay is blended or natural or if it was made by Radium or another company or is it just taken on faith to be whatever the company you buy from claims it is?

Hi pena,

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with Green Mattress Company.

There was a Green Mattress Factory but they were in Ohio (and later on in Maine) but if they are related to them or Dremata or any of their other websites that they have had over the years then you will find more information about them in post #5 here and the posts it links to.

If there is still a sticker (or perhaps part of a sticker) on the Talalay layers inside the mattress you would be able to identify whether it was Natural or Blended Talalay and which company made it but if there isn’t then there would really be no way to tell.

If you are looking at a private sale for a used mattress then you would be able to tell the manufacturing date by looking at the law tag and there is some information in post #2 here that should be helpful as well.

If the mattress is being sold by a liquidator then some of the information in post #8 here and post #2 here and post #2 here would also be worth reading.


Good call. The mattress tag said Dremata. I’ll just keep saving for the real thing! Thank you Phoenix