The Mattress

Hi mantis,

The innerspring or support system isn’t normally the weak link of a mattress in terms of durability and the materials above the innersprings are the most important part of assessing the relative durability and useful life of a mattress. There are also many specs that determine the strength or suitability of an innerspring besides just the coil gauge or the number of coils. There is more about innersprings in this article and in post #10 here.

Outside of how suitable a mattress is for you in terms of PPP … a mattress is only as good as its construction and the quality of the materials inside it … no matter who sells it or the name on the label.

There is more about the specs I would look for in post #4 here and in the links about higher weight ranges I included in my last reply

If they provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice about any mattress and you can post it on the forum … I’d certainly be happy to share my thoughts about it or help you identify any potential weak links in its design.

Without this information … there is really no way for anyone to make any meaningful comments about any mattress.

I would only consider a mattress if you know the type and quality of all the materials and components inside it and have enough information to make an informed choice.