Thoughts on the Clean Shield Crypton mattress protector

Just bought the Clean Shield Crypton mattress protector. I was going to give it a try to see if it was more breathable than my cotton terry protector. Crypton is a chemical treatment to fabric to make it waterproof, spills stay on the surface and rolls off like an umbrella. Its not moisure wicking like membrane backed covers.

After making up the bed, I noticed the crypton cover is worse than my cotton terry cover. Its not breathable at all. Tried breathing through the mattress with my nose and its like breathing through a plastic bag. The cotton terry cover had some resistance but its still somewhat breathable.

The crypton protector is 100% polyster but the top feels like vinyl plastic; its noisy under the sheets. I think this is largely due to the crypton chemical treatment to make it waterproof.

I will be returning the cryton protector and sticking to my cotton terry cover.

Hi Mattressprotectorguy,

There has only been a couple of other comments on the forum about the Crypton mattress protector (here and here) so I appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts and experience about them as well :slight_smile:

I know that Jeff from Mattress-To-Go had one to test but he didn’t like that there was no absorbent material on top of the Crypton fabric so any spill could roll right off the protector and down the sides of the mattress so he gave it away and decided not to carry it before he had a chance to test it for breathability and I think that runnerb0y’s comments were written before they actually had a chance to sleep on it (although they were hopeful about it).

I haven’t tried it in person but I did order some samples of their fabric and they didn’t seem very breathable or flexible to me either (although they were very waterproof) but the samples they sent me may not have been the same thickness as the fabric they are using in their protector.