Trustworthy memory foam brands?

Hi Aterimperator,

Here are a few guidelines which will help you cut through the confusion of buying a memory foam mattress or topper.

  1. Never buy any memory foam mattress or topper where you do not know the manufacturer of the memory foam (or at least can confirm that they are either CertiPur certified or manufactured in North America).
  2. Never buy any memory foam mattress or topper where you do not know the density of the memory foam used.
  3. Never buy a mattress or topper where the majority of the memory foam is less than 4 lb density regardless of what the retailer says about it
  4. Never buy a memory foam mattress or topper where the manufacturer and the specific foam has not been “tested” for chemicals/outgassing by an organization such as Certi-Pur.

It is also important to remember that no matter what you may be “told” … that memory foam by its very nature is not a supportive foam. It always requires a support layer underneath it that provides most of the support qualities of your mattress. While it is true that some memory foams are “more supportive” than others … this is only in comparison with other memory foams. No memory foam can be (or is) used as a support layer in a mattress. The value of memory foam is in its ability to relieve pressure … which it does well (although other materials such as softer good quality latex are just as pressure relieving).

While this will eliminate most of the outlets that most consumers consider, there are certainly enough left to make good quality and value choices.

Some of my thoughts on memory foam and the “market” in general are in post #5 in this thread

Looking at the list of outlets which you included … the “guidelines” above would apply as follows

PostureSense 3-inch Thick 4 Pound Density Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Foam manufacturer not listed. Would not consider.

Memory Foam Liquidators Memory Foam Mattress Pad - 4 lb density - 3" Twin - Natural - 3"D Twin - T43
Foam manufacturer not listed. They do say it ships directly from the manufacturer so a quick phone call may give you this information in which case it would be easy to check if their memory foam was listed on the Certi-Pur site.

SleepAid Factory (HealCo) Dream Memory Foam Toppers
They say (on a chat with a “sort of” evasive sales rep that had to be “pinned down”) that their foam is made by foamex (which is listed on the Certi-Pur site) and that it is a proporietary foam that is similar to Aerus (which I like). It is also a 5lb density which I consider good quality. I would consider this.

SleepWarehouse Premier Plus 4lb 3" Twin Memory Foam Mattress Topper-On Sale+Free Pillow!
Sleep warehouse sells Foamex memory foams on their main website and if this is Aerus or even Sensus (I would call to check) then I would consider this as well.

All Memory Foam 3" Memory Foam Mattress Topper Full 4lb Density
Bayer is not listed on the Certi-pur site. They also have misinformation on the site (saying their memory foam is 5 times denser than “regular” foam). At least they are US made but I would not likely consider them.

Healthy Foundations
They do not state the source of their foam and there is some misinformation on the site. I would not consider them unless a quick phone call provides any “missing” information. (NOTE ADDED: They now list all their specs and are on the CertiPur list).

I tend not to spend too much time on calls where it is not easy and quick to get the information I need. If a sales rep or outlet does not seem able or willing to provide transparent information … I usually rule them out as a possible purchase.

Have you considered purchasing from an outlet such as Costco, Sams Club, or Walmart. They often carry good quality memory foam from known manufacturers and have a very good return policy. A couple of examples are here …

There are literally thousands of online memory foam vendors but these “guidelines” will help you narrow down the better ones much more quickly and lead to much better choices. Local independent manufacturers will often sell memory foam toppers and will willingly let you know the manufacturer and specs of the foams they sell.

I believe that there are many memory foams which compete well with tempurpedic (and I like some of them even better such as Aerus) and offer better value. The Certi-pur website in combination with only purchasing from outlets that are completely transparent is a good starting point to make sure you know what you are buying and getting good value for your money.

Hope this helps