Trying to understand the materials AUGUST HAVEN (WG&R House Brand) - Tranquility

Myself and the wife are looking to purchase a mattress, and have narrowed it down to a mattress from a local-ish furniture store that’s in our region in the Mid-West, and we’ve liked what we’ve tried with them comparatively to Beautyrest. Now, after doing our research online, we’ve come to the realization that big brands don’t mean better then local brands. What I’m struggling with in understanding the tech specs of this mattress is, after googling the materials, I can’t find much about them. What I don’t know if it’s the case is, are they branding a material as their own, or are they giving us the brand name of the material and I’m just not educated enough to figure this stuff out so I know if this mattress is of good quality, or if they are cheaping out in certain areas?

The mattress in question is from the furniture store called WG&R, and their house brand is AUGUST HAVEN. The sales people have indicated that the company has basically tried to reverse engineer another big brand, and this is their comparative product. The model of the mattress is the Tranquility and the specs are as follows for a King:

Quilted Panel:

Ticking =Lava - Airtex Passionata D340908 Natural
Quilt Pattern = 1.5" circle T&J
Layer #1 = .75 FR Fiber
Layer #2 = 1" 1.5 10 ILD Gel-Poly
Layer #3 = 1" 1.5 10 ILD Gel-Poly
Layer #4 = n/a

Build Up:

Surface= 1" 24 ILD Talalay Latex
Transition Layer #1 = 1" 1.8 28 ILD
Transition Layer #2 = 1" 1.8 28 ILD
Transition Layer #3 = 1" 4.0 lb 14 ILD Gel-Memory Foam
Transition Layer #4 = n/a

Support Unit = 1575/1872 PC FE
Base Layer = 1" 1.8 density 48 ILD
Border Color = Ingomar flint ash (AH)
Tape Edge = gray
Ribbon = AH
Tufts = optic white

Any help in understanding where the shortfalls are would be helpful. I can disclose the price that they gave us, but I’d rather ask for an opinion then on a “Is this a good buy for the money?” as we all perceive value/$ from a different perspective.

Hello SuperDude_123,

The detailed research information you have on the August Haven is impressive; rarely does a mattress retailer provide this much transparency. That’s a positive. It makes an online assessment much easier.

To answer your first question, yes, in many instances, either the mattress brand or the retailer attempt to avoid specification comparison by brand naming a mattress component. In some cases, the component may be exclusively purchased as well. The detailed component descriptions you have for this product allow for reasonable analysis.

We will separate the analysis into the 3 mattress sections listed - Quilt Panel, Build Up and Support Unit.

  1. Build Up - Lava is Lava Textiles, the fabric supplier. AirTex is a model of Lava mattress fabrics. The remaining components are the layers of material in the quilting. There are 2" of a 10 lb. (very low density) gel-poly foam in the quilt panel. This amount of low density material will have a tendency to compress/break-down and cause a bit of a body impression.
  2. Build Up - The materials listed are the various layers in the “comfort layer” section of the mattress. 4" is a good amount of material in total, and the types and density of the materials should provide reasonable performance long-term. There’s a little Talalay latex on the top for transition comfort and a little memory foam on the bottom for stability in the transition to the pocketed coil system.
    The combination of the Quilt Panel/Build Up is what provides you with the “feel” of the mattress you experience in your showroom “test rests”.
  3. Support Unit - The 1575/1872 PC FE looks to mean a 1575 coil count pocketed coil spring system. I would guess the 1872 means the side rails of the foam encasement(FE) are 1.8 lb. 72 IFD poly foam, but you could ask the retailer to confirm. While not know more about the pocketed coil details ( e.g. gauge, height, # turns, etc.), It would seem that the support unit coil system is high-quality. The Base layer is the layer of foam under the pocketed coil unit; the density and firmness is appropriate for the mattress design.

Overall, this appears to be a well designed mattress. If you like the feel/comfort/support it provides, it may work well for you. Only 2 caveats - The quilt poly may compress (over time) and there are lots of layers, which does mean lots of laminating (gluing) them together. We cannot gauge the actual price/value as we do not know the price, but we would venture to guess, that based on the content, as a “house brand” in a king size, a price of $999-$1099 would be close.

Hope this helps!

Team Luma