Tuft & Needle Discount

Hi Dave_C,

Yes I’ve seen it … and it’s very misleading. Amalgamated mattress reviews based on thousands of people who have little idea of the materials in the mattresses they are sleeping on and know little about mattresses are also very misleading (see post #13 here and post #4 here). You can also read more about the quality of the materials in their highest rated memory foam mattress in post #2 here as an example.

Each person has unique needs and preferences and while very few people tend to ask “why” one mattress works better for them than another, if someone at least has the facts and basic information they need to make the best possible quality/value choice based on the parts of their personal value equation that are most important to them then no matter what type of mattress they prefer they will be making an informed choice about the mattress that is “best for them” regardless of whether it would be the best choice for someone else or even a larger group of people in general … and that’s the most important goal of the site :slight_smile: