What are C2 and C4 Dunlop latex?

Hi folks,

I’m hoping someone can help me with a question about latex mattresses. I searched, but didn’t find this particular question addressed in the forums. Thank you all for the great information I’ve used so far in my quest for a new mattress! I’ve landed here a lot lately in my quest for a new mattress and the information is invaluable.

My local mattress factory store offers a Dunlop “medium firmness” latex mattress that feels comfortable and body-conforming in the showroom, even more comfortable for me than their Dunlop/Talalay combo. The Dunlop description says
“Naturally formed Dunlop latex core and covered with an organic cotton and wool cover”.
The materials list says “C2 Natural Dunlop Latex Core, 6 inches; Organic cotton cover 2 layers of Joma wool quilted”
and indicates that the latex is made in Mountain Top PA.

The Combo mattress, described as “firm firmness” has “C4 Natural Dunlop Latex Core, 6 inches, plus 24 ILD Natural Talalay Topper 2” with the same organic cotton and Joma wool cover. To me the combo feels bouncy and not as body-conforming as I can feel the space between the bed and the hollow of my back. I can’t feel any space lying on the 100% Dunlop.

Can anyone tell me the difference between “C2” and “C4” Dunlop?
Although my initial feeling is to go with the 100% Dunlop, I’d like to feel more certain that it’s at least as durable as the Combo, if not more.

I need to replace 2 king size beds so it’s a significant investment and I’m concerned about making the right decision.
Details if useful: sleepers are average height, average weight, combination sleepers who’ve had some poor sleep and back/hip pain issues with the current old non-latex mattresses.
Thanks so much for any and all insights! :slight_smile: :


This is continuous pour Dunlop from Mountain Top latex… It has been discussed previously on the forum here and the information in the posts in that thread should be helpful to you.

Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate it!