Where to get clay-like hard long-lasting memory foam?

Hi brian.r.hamilton,

Legitimate disagreement is certainly healthy … and hopefully will encourage people to look a little deeper into the facts, fictions, and information about conflicting thoughts and opinions. Conflicting beliefs held by people I respect highly has been much of the impetus behind some of the research on this site in an attempt to discover when and how both could be right in the larger context or in different circumstances and experiences.

As you can see in post #4 here and in post #20 here and in post #4 here … I think the problem with reviews in general (and why I was determined from the beginning to never allow this site to degenerate into a “review” site) is that each one doesn’t have the specific information about all the variables that can contribute to the suitability of a mattress (details about the person and the mattress) that would make them more meaningful. Almost everyone has seen reviews where some reviewers are adamant that a mattress is “too firm” and others are just as adamant that the same mattress is “too soft”. I have seen reviews that are 95% + positive of mattresses that have many thousands of reviews and are using junk foam that won’t last for most people for any reasonable length of time. People in general (and this is an unfortunate commentary on the society we live in where information that is “pushed” at people or repeated enough times becomes believable in the absence of their own deeper or more specific research) often tend to take the easy way out and buy products based on the “approval” or opinions of others … and in many cases come to regret it. Major manufacturers are well aware of the lack of reliable information about mattress materials or the lack of critical thinking or discernment that is so common in our society today and take full advantage of it.

Hundreds or even thousands of people posting reviews that have no knowledge of mattresses or materials or the “why” behind what they are feeling or believing doesn’t make something “true” or even worth using as a guideline for someone else when each person is unique in terms of how they may respond to a particular mattress. 1000 reviews written by people that don’t know how to tell foam or material quality or who are really only saying “I got a good deal” says nothing about the quality or value of a mattress either. A mattress that is perfect for one person or even a group of people in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) may be completely unsuitable for someone else to sleep on. Different people with different body types, sleeping positions, and individual sensitivities will also have very different perceptions about the firmness of a mattress and a mattress that is “too firm” for one can be “too soft” for someone else.

I do agree with you that they can have some limited value and nothing is absolute … particularly in terms of the kind of service provided by a manufacturer or retailer and as a general indication of some of the overall qualities of a mattress or product if a clear pattern emerges above the “noise” (which as you say can take some effort to discern) but this information is often overwhelmed by misinformed consumers posting opinions that have little basis in fact and are mostly self justifying. Misinformation or opinions that aren’t supported by any facts or only have personal or individual relevance which are posted many times doesn’t make the information any more accurate or true than it would be if it was only posted once.

So IMO … reviews certainly have some value in some circumstances but reviews about the knowledge, experience, or service of a retailer or manufacturer are more valuable than reviews (amalgamated or otherwise) about mattresses. I certainly don’t believe they are more valuable than other more meaningful types of research that involve more specific, detailed, or factual research and personal experience though. Most knowledgeable manufacturers and retailers with many years of knowledge and experience in the industry would share similar sentiments and many have emailed me on many occasions thanking me for bucking the trend and focusing on accurate information rather than being a typical internet forum or “review site” where anyone can say anything without being “challenged” as to the basis for their beliefs or how applicable they may be for anyone else when circumstances may call for it.

This video about reviews is also excellent and well worth watching IMO.

Have you considered something like buckwheat hulls?

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