Where to shop in the albany ny area

Hi Rldoyle,

The first place to start is always post #1 here which will give you all the basic information steps and guidelines you will need to make good choices. It will also help you avoid the worst choices including the major brands that you were looking at and that were suggested by the last poster.

The better options or “possibilities” in the Albany NY area I’m aware of are listed in post #4 here.

@ gg,

While I appreciate that you may feel good about the service you received at Old Brick … they don’t sell any mattresses that I would even consider. It’s a little “odd” that your first post here on a site that is about transparency and knowing the quality of the materials in a mattress as much as anything else is to suggest the very types of mattresses and brands that are among the least transparent in the industry and that should be avoided by anyone who wants to make informed buying decisions or make meaningful quality and value comparisons between mattresses.

These are usually the types of initial posts that are made by either employees, owners, or others with an interest in the the stores themselves that look for specific search terms on the internet for opportunities to promote themselves (which is against the rules of the forum) and I hope this isn’t the case here and that you just hadn’t read any of the information on the site or forum about how to shop for a mattress and why to avoid these types of manufacturers.