Which Hybrid Mattress?

Hi - I want new full size mattresses for my kids, ages 3 & 7, and I’m torn on which one to get. The following are my choices: My Green Mattress Natural Escape, Sleep EZ Hybrid, Awara, and Harvest Green Mattress Original. Awara appears to be a newer company, so that worries me, but they have a lifetime warranty and the other companies do not. Awara contains the least amount of coils, but I don’t know how much that matters. It also has the most Dunlop latex, 4”, compared to the others, which have 3” (except the Sleep EZ Hybrid which is flippable and has 3” on ken side and 2” on the other). Harvest Green also appears to be a new company, so again, that worries me, but their mattress seems legit and contains the most coils. I think Awara is the only brand of my choices that doesn’t have added edge support. Sleep EZ Hyrbrid has the least warranty, but MGM and Harvest down seem to be much greater. I like that the Sleep EZ is flippable, but Is it that necessary since the difference is only 1”? I don’t know why this is so difficult to decide on a mattress! Please help!

Hey Flint,

Welcome to the Mattress Underground forum and thanks for your question :slight_smile: !

Two of your four choices, My Green Mattress “Natural Escape” and Sleep EZ “Hybrid” are made by TMU Expert Members My Green Mattress and Sleep EZ, they would be happy to jump in and address questions about their product, it would be interesting to hear their point of view first. All of our trusted members respond quickly to posts, usually within 24-48 hours, they should reply back shortly. Again, great to have you here and looking forward to hearing more about your purchase.