1/2 $$ for the same latex? Wild price difference.

Have read all the articles. Studied as much as I can. Live in SW FL. Have a foam mattress that has broken down. Decided as of today not to get a Tempurpedic. For sure getting latex. So…

I went to Pittsburgh Mattress Co in Ellenton Fl on Fri 12/19/14. BTW, when I mentioned where I had found them (they’re in a very nondescript, would probably never have even gone in type of place), they said we were the 4th to mention you. The owner knows mattresses, not so much tech, but they’re working on that.
She couldn’t have been more helpful or accommodating. She addressed all my questions, health related issues, husband/wife preferences and warranty/replacement.
So I got on a Latex International solid pour 6" Talalay mattress. It’s all they have. One on an adjustable and the same mattress on a real box spring. It was great. Nice cover but not exactly what I would choose. But even that she addressed to our satisfaction. LSS - the price of a king mattress, including delivery and lifetime flipping service twice a year is $2,699.

We had planned on stopping at one other place in Sarasota. I called and he said that he was closing soon to go on an appointment, but when I asked questions, he too was forthcoming. The mattress was the same Latex International 6" solid piece, both 36 ILD. His had a stretch cover (can’t remember exactly) and no flipping service. His price is $1,300 ! That’s half…

Is it possible? Would I know the difference? Befuddled. I am going to check out the 3 Pure Bliss also just for comparisons and that may generate another question, but I needed to ask this. Thanks so much.

Hi Harriett,

You may not be making “apples to apples” comparisons based on “mattress only prices” which could be part of the reason for such a large price difference. One mattress could using blended Talalay and the other could be using 100% natural Talalay, there could be differences in the cover and quilting which can be a significant part of the cost of a mattress, or you could be comparing a “set” vs a "mattress only and a real box spring (with springs that flex) can be significantly more costly than a foundation (that doesn’t flex at all).

Even if you are making apples to apples “mattress only” comparisons though these types of differences between similar mattresses are fairly common in the industry because different manufacturers can have different costs and pricing structures (see post #14 here). This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to find out what is inside any mattress you are considering (see this article) so you can make better comparisons between mattresses and especially between your finalists based on the materials inside the mattress and all the other parts of your personal value equation (see post #46 here) that are most important to you and which may affect the cost of a mattress purchase.

There is also more about the most important parts of the value of a mattress purchase in post #13 here that can help you make more meaningful comparisons between mattresses.

The mattress shopping tutorial also includes a list of the members here that sell mattresses online (in the optional online step) and many of these make latex mattresses that use different types of latex with a wide range of designs, features, options, budget ranges, and exchange or return policies that can also act as a useful “value” reference point as well.