10" Total Latex vs. 14" Aloe Alexis (Brooklyn Bedding)

Curious to get some thoughts/comparisons of these 2 mattresses.

A little background info:

Me: 195lbs, mostly back and stomache sleeper, and I sleep very warm
Wife: 130 lbs., side sleeper majority of the time

My understanding from BB, is they can customize the comfort layer, since we would be ordering a King size bed. I definitely think the “split” level would benefit us, as I like a littler firmer,and my wife likes a little softer.

I would like some thoughts/feedback on the comparison of these to beds offered by BB.


Hi LSUtgrboy,

Post #2 here has more information about the pros and cons of an all latex mattress vs a latex/polyfoam hybrid and also links to post #2 here which talks more about the Aloe Alexis which has two layers of latex (that has two layers of latex that can be customized or exchanged after a purchase) and would be more “in between” the two. This topic may also be helpful and for even more detail a forum search on “total latex mattress alexis” will also bring up all the posts in the forum that mention both of them.

There is also more about some of the ways that can help accommodate couples with different needs and preferences in the first part of post #2 here and there is also more about split comfort layers in post #2 here and for those that will benefit from a mattress that has a different firmness on each side they can certainly be a great option.


I am also interested in these 2 mattresses. The post that talks about hybrid vs latex doesn’t seem that relevant since the poster you were responding to was 320lbs. Would the difference be as apparent for someone who was 205lbs?

Also both mattresses use blended latex (60% synthetic). I have read elsewhere (sleep like the dead) that people seem to have a lower satisfaction with blended latex vs 100% natural. I would be curious to hear what your thoughts on this would be. Thanks.

Hi oncojoon,

The post about the pros and cons of all latex vs a latex polyfoam hybrid would be relevant to any weight although higher weights will also feel more of the effect of the deeper layers than lower weights … but much higher weights may also do better with a thicker all latex mattress (see post #14 here). Lighter weights may notice less difference between a latex hybrid that has 6" of latex on top such as the Alexis (as opposed to a hybrid that used 3" of latex on top) and an all latex mattress and some people would notice more difference than others just because different people are more or less sensitive than others to smaller differences in a mattress but most people would notice a difference between an all latex mattress and a latex hybrid that used the same type, thickness, and softness (ILD) of latex in the top 6" but had a polyfoam support core.

You can read more about the different types and blends of latex in post #6 here. I’m not sure which type of latex it was referring to but I would question its accuracy if you are talking about Talalay latex although it would be more likely to be accurate if you are referring to molded Dunlop latex.

You can also read more about the general differences between the “feel” of Talalay vs Dunlop in post #7 here.