100% Natural talalay or blended at Arizona premium.

Question… I am confused a little bit.
Arizona Premium do they use 100% talalay foam in their Natual plush system?
I don’t see a picture of the base and layers with a detailed explanation.
I read some posts saying it’s blended?

Is it blended or 100% natural? Does it have a verification stamp or some identification that it’s from latex international?

what about the beds at flobeds… v-zone anyone got comments about that bed? Is it worth the extra cost?


Hi Faith,

In most cases it’s much better to talk with a manufacturer themselves about the specifics of their mattresses because they have much more knowledge about the specific designs, materials and components they use than I do.

Talalay is a manufacturing method not a type of raw material so any latex that is made using the Talalay process is 100% talalay regardless of whether it contains natural or synthetic latex. this is the same with Dunlop which is also a manufacturing process and can be used with synthetic, blended, or 100% natural raw materials.

They offer options that includes natural and blended Talalay as well as natural and blended Dunlop depending on the specific mattress you are looking at. Their Adjustable Ultra Plush system (which I’m assuming is the one you mean) uses either blended Talalay or can be upgraded to use 100% natural Talalay depending on your choice. The details are on their site here.

Flobeds uses good quality materials and also offers a choice between blended Talalay and 100% natural Talalay. The benefits of their V-zone is that it can be arranged to provide zoning that can help with your alignment if this is something that is either important or a preference for you.

Once you have eliminated the worst choices and are making choices between “good and good” then nobody else can tell you whether any particular feature or benefit is “worth it” to you or what to choose. This would be like someone else telling you what you should eat once you have eliminated all the junk food in your diet :).

In terms of “how” to choose (rather than what to choose) … this would require more detailed conversations with each manufacturer so you can ask them all your questions and hear their thoughts about their mattresses and their potential benefits in your circumstances. These kinds of final choices where there are really no mistakes in terms of quality/value are always about personal preferences which take into account all the objective, subjective, and intangible benefits and tradeoffs that are most important to you and part of your own "personal value equation.