100% Organic Bamboo mattress protector?

I would like to find out who sells 100% Organic Bamboo mattress protectors. I don’t have a need for a waterproof protector, just a protector for a mattress to put under cotton sheets. So far I found only bamboo protectors lined up with polyester backing. I would also like the sides to be bamboo material, so the mattress could breathe. Or is there another material that the sides should be made out of?
Our current Dunlop latex mattress has 2" wool padding zipped on. I would like to protect it from stains; mainly from my husband sweats while sleeping. His has oily skin as well. I don’t think a 100% cotton sheet protector would be a good option while cotton dries too slowly, even though it is breathing well.
Foamorder has some cotton protectors, however they are $118 for Twin HL mattress, which is little too expensive and it is cotton.
Am I over-complicating this?
Thank you

Hello Dag,

Realistically Organic Bamboo textiles do not exist as bamboo textiles are made using a viscose/rayon based process which is chemical based. So the product itself exist’s in sort of a grey area where you cannot label the product as either natural or synthetic. This is why it does not surprise me to see the same company that could market bamboo as a natural product also using polyester on the same item.

I would maybe just try to find an organic cotton mattress protector they will still be very breathable and if they are made properly should be machine washable. There are also quite a few on the market place to choose from. just beware that there are tons of ‘organic’ cotton protectors with the waterproof backing which is made from plastic so tends to also defeat the purpose of going organic.

The St. Dormeir pad which I continue to spout praise about is a wonderful protector however it is not organic either just natural cotton and sheeps wool, but if you decide not to go organic specifically it is the one I do recommend.

Hi Dag,

While Budgy knows more about bedding than I probably ever will … I also don’t know of any “pure” bamboo mattress protectors without synthetics.

I would also suggest the St Dormeir (unless organic is essential) and the best price I know for it is linked in the mattress protector post here.


Thank you Budgy and Phoenix so much for your prompt response and recommendations.
I do understand the chemical process of bamboo into fabric material. Is there anything sold by large manufacturers today not involving some kind of chemicals in the production process these days?

I really like the St. Dormeir Wool Mattress Protector. This is something I had in mind, terry cloth top look, not too thick to allow the current wool mattress topper breath. I will contact them for detailed description while I want to make sure the sides are not synthetic and will let the mattress breathe from the sides.

I also like the Pure Collection Waterproof Mattress Protectors and will be contacting them about detailed description while I couldn’t see the whole cover. It seems as it is one piece.

I started researching the covers/protectors more, but I got stuck finding another covers and one link lend to another. So I am spending more hours finding what I want. I don’t want to make mistake if possible. I already have some mattress covers at home that I will be returning while I didn’t ask questions about details of the product and I don’t like to return goods I purchased.

One more protector I would like to mention is Organic Pure Bamboo Queen Size Mattress Protector. I would like to know how they are. Again it has polyester underlayment that I would have to cut out to prevent sweating.

There were so many more links with another product, but I eliminated one by one. I did also research your recommendation to visit allergy buyers’ Club and Sleep buyers’ Club, Phoenix. Thank you, as I make searches, they list so many of your advices, there is lots to read.

I will let you know about the outcome while my husband has to pick what he wants to sleep on (covered with a cotton sheet). I am doing all the research and forums.

The Company Store sells an Organic Barrier Mattress Protector but it’s currently only available in Full/Twin. Kinda expensive though. They use to sell other sizes but apparently have no plans to restock. Anyone know who makes the protector they currently sell? Maybe someone else sells them in Queen+ sizes.


Just to comment on a few of these other suggestions:

www.gotchacoveredusa.com/pure-collection-organic-mattress-protectors - as mentioned by Phoenix, this is not an organic protector, it uses a polyurethane water proof barrier.

Bamboo Mattress & Pillow Protectors | ettitude - As mentioned by Dag, the back of this protector is polyester (among bamboo being rayon technically) so also not organic.

http://www.thecompanystore.com/Organic-Barrier-Mattress-Protector/MA78x,default,pd.html?start=2&q=mattress%20protector - This looks to be legit, the price is high because its an entire mattress encasement which would be a pain in the butt to remove and wash regularly not to mention not offering a lot of moisture resistance as it is simply a fabric protector without a quilting material in place.

In the USA, I would actually check out www.thecleanbedroom.com and look at their selection of quilted organic pads, some of them do not use waterproof barriers or synthetics.

The GLO, Coyuchi and GreenSleep protectors from them all should give reasonable moisture protection and are truly organic products.

Thank you all again for being so helpful.

We decided we will be buying the St. Dormeir Wool Mattress Protector mentioned by budgy… It is more expensive than we would want to spend on a cover; however, it is the best fit for our needs. It is organic material on the top as well as the sides/skirt. We have to forget about the price while it is not that overpriced as some other store’s covers.

We finally received our St. Dormeir wool mattress protectors this Saturday; they were on a back order.
They look very well made and are exactly what we had in mind to protect our organic Pillow-top mattress covers.
They are about ¼" thick on top (with the wool) terry quilted cover and the sides are cotton terry as well.
I am so glad I asked you and received a tip from budgy, thank you again.

Hi Dag,

The St Dormeir is certainly a high quality product and I don’t think that anyone would be unhappy with its quality or performance. I think you made a great choice :slight_smile: