100% synthetic latex

Heiio all,Can somone please let me know the pros and cons for 100% SYNTHETIC latex mattress.I’m planing on putting a new latex mattress in a boat v-birth and don’t want to spend a ton of money.Is their anything bad about 100% synthetic dunlop latex?Is it just as durable as a blend or all natural?Thanks for any replies. Brian

Hi hunttr,

I think post #2 here (and the links it contains) and post #2 here should help.

All the evidence points to synthetic SBR not being as durable as natural or a blend and it certainly doesn’t perform as well as natural or blended latex either. It is still a “relatively” high quality material though compared to other types of foam (such as polyfoam). It would be my last choice in terms of latex though … especially because there are better and relatively low cost versions of latex that I would choose instead.

So the “black and white” answer would be that IMO … no it isn’t as durable and it doesn’t perform as well either. This doesn’t mean it’s “bad” … just that it’s not as good in quality, value, or performance terms as better quality latex.