100% Talalay latex topper

Would these specs make a good topper for a very firm 4"Dunlop/ 6"Poly mattress that is to firm for us?
85% natural latex and 15% synthetic latex Density: 2.5 kg (5.5 lb ILD: 28 price 449.99 for a king.
Thank you

Hi jege41,

From a quality/value point of view it’s certainly good.

From a comfort performance point of view your own experience will answer the question more than any theory because I can never know what someone else may consider too soft or too firm.

The guidelines I use for a topper are in post #8 here and as you can see it’s a little on the thick side but this is also offset by the fact that it’s a medium rather than soft topper and that your mattress is also quite firm as well (and would probably make a good transition layer under the topper) so overall it seems like a good choice to me and because of Costco’s return policy especially … it certainly seems worth trying IMO.


Thanks Phoenix!

This is such a great site!
Still waiting for my 3’ talalay topper and was contemplating throwing a 2" piece of 4lb memory foam underneath the talalay for a little more cushioning between me and the extra firm 4" piece of dunlop.
I read on the posts that Phoenix likes a similar set up.