2 X adults sleeping on a single mattress

I was wondering if anyone had experience with this, or if any professionals have come across helping a previous client with this sort of thing.

My partner and I, due to space constraints and a few other factors, sleep on a single bed (luckily we are both fairly slim people).

Of course, after this being the mode du jour for going on 3 years now the poor mattress is starting to give out. I can hear the springs inside ping if I roll over.

Unfortunately getting a larger bed is not on the cards at the moment, at least until we can move into a larger living space.

Are they any tips for purchasing a single mattress for 2 person-sleeping? Are there any retailers who would do zoned mattresses for a single split down the middle? Or perhaps should I be trying to work out the metrics according to our combined weight and shoulder/hip width as if we were one large person?

Hello Takaouto

Thank you kindly for your inquiry.
It is indeed irregular to have two adults sleeping on a twin (single) mattress, although I do understand having room constraints. With that said, there really aren’t zoned or split mattresses in single sizes that can accommodate individual comfort for two people. However there are ways to customizing the matrress as a whole to at least try and find a ‘middle’ ground so that it maybe comfortable for both of you. I recommend looking into layered latex matrresses. For example, a 9" latex layered mattress that consists of three 3" layers of latex inside a single zippered mattress cover can be customized based on mostly your weight(s) and preferred sleep positions. You have the ability to choose the densities for each layer to achieve both contour on top, as well as support below. You also have the ability to unzip your mattress cover if need be to rearrange your layers to change the feel of your sleep surface.
I will be happy to offer layer recommendations that may help in finding a configuration that works for both of you. If you don’t mind my asking, I will need to know what each of you weigh and if you primarily sleep on your backs, stomochs or sides. I will await your reply. In the meantime, here are a couple websites/companies that specialize in customizable layered latex mattresses that I recommend checking out: www.sleepez.com and www.latexmattressfactory.com. Thanks again!