2012 Pure Bliss vs new Foam sweet Foam


We sleep in a Pure Bliss Beautiful from 2012 with a plush topper on it that was all bought from a now defunct store. We loved it for years, but now my wife seems to wake up hurting and there is an indentation in the bed. It isn’t enough to get a warranty, but she hates it now.

We are hot sleepers and that is why we went to latex. Plus I am 6 foot 2 and 260 pounds. So memory foam doesn’t seem to work for me.

I have been looking at the Foam Sweet Foam beds. They seem interesting. But I am concerned that we got used to a topper that was probobly too soft for us and Foam Sweet Foam doesn’t even sell latex with that low of an ILD. I think it is like 16.

Does anyone know the actual ILD of the toppers from 2012 so I can compare. It seems awfully soft. And and it seems funny to me that so many on all these forums talk about how plush the Beautiful is but we felt the need to get a topper back then. They kindof pushed it. I wonder if we got screwed and got a lesser model. Or are the Beutifuls just now more plush or softer.

And will it feel less plush with the latex inside of the same encasement and not in a topper.

Oh, and is there any validity to the new Pure Bliss cooling features since we sleep so hot. Or is the latex I get from Foam Sweet Foam just going to be the same as the stuff they say has cooling tech at Pure Bliss.

Or would we be better to just replace the topper? She thinks the main part of the bed has an indent too. But I think she is crazy. We are going to try to sleep without the topper tonight, but she thinks we will wake up and not be able to walk. It’s a split king, but I don’t want her to be 3 inches above me.

Any help would be appreciated.

And any advice on the hot sleeping would be helpful as well. We keep it at 62 at night. Expensive.


We are currently looking at Foam Sweet Foam also. We just tried a Pure Talalay Bliss Beautiful in a local store and loved the feel. We are looking for an all Talalay layered mattress. One thing I noticed from Foam Sweet Foam is their long warranty covers an indention of only 1/2" which I have never seen before. I have been told not to pay attention to the warranties but that seems very generous. Good luck.