3" Talalay latex ILD Density question

I am narrowing in on getting an Ultimate Dreams Latex Eurotop Mattress. It comes with a 3" Talalay latex core with a wide range of firmness options in the latex. I read many reviews on Amazon about varying experiences with the density. Everyone loves the bed but I need some advice on which firmness to get. I am trying to decide between a 6 (28 ILD) or a 7 (24 ILD). It rests on top of a 8 inch 2.35 pound high density convoluted base foam. I am 5’9, 160 and am a back and side sleeper with lower back pain. I want the option to sleep comfortable in both positions. I want soft yet supportive. Any suggestions would be great!

Hi Tyson,

The best source of recommendations for your choice would be Chuck at Dreamfoam. They are very good at this and they also know their mattresses and how they interact with different people the best. Their suggestions would have better odds than any “theory at a distance”.

Having said that … there are dozens of comments and discussions about them by people in the forum that were asking the same question that you may find helpful. You can find many of them with a forum search on Ultimate Dreams (you can just click this).

You may already know this but in case you don’t … Dreamfoam bedding is a manufacturing member of this site and if you let them know your username here you will also receive one or their shredded latex pillows for free as a member bonus :slight_smile:


Thank you Phoenix. Your help is appreciated!


I’ve done a lot of reading on this and other mattress info sites, and I’ve done some mattress testing, but this is my first message on this forum. I’ m not sure if I’m doing this correctly since I’m responding to some messages from last year, but I too am just about ready to pull the trigger on a UD eurotop mattress, especially because of the ability to exchange the comfort layer if necessary. I have similar dimensions to the person you were talking to on this thread. I’m a 5’ 11" male and 163 lbs. I’m mainly a side sleeper but occasionally stomach and back. I like a bit on the plush side, but want something that is firm enough for back and stomach sleeping as well as something that I can comfortably sit up on to read. I realize this may be asking a lot considering that these preferences, individually, would get different recommendations( especially stomach sleeping ). For example, I know that you recommend a thinner comfort layer for stomach sleeping (2") than UD offers. I already called Chuck and he recommended a 5 or a 6 ILD. He also mentioned that the greater depth of the 12" eurotop compared to the 10" non-eurotop mattress includes a bit of a transitional layer at the top of the support layer, just under the comfort layer. I’m not sure if that feature would be a plus for someone of my dimensions and preferences or not. I know I can swap out the comfort layer if necessary, but I’d like your opinion on whether I’d be better off with the firmer (5) or plusher (6) choice based on the info I’ve given. Also, I’ve noticed that people in various forums have reported Chuck as saying that a 6 is a 28 ILD, but the BB website lists a 6 as 24 ILD. I can check with him, but do you know anything about this?

Hi disenb,

I would go first by any local testing I had done but if you don’t already know exactly what you want then the second best option would be to go with their suggestions based on “averages”.

They (or any manufacturer) are much more knowledgeable than I am about their own mattresses and they work with many customers every day while I haven’t even slept on any version of their mattresses so I wouldn’t be doing anyone any favors by stepping in between your conversations and making “competing” suggestions.

I will say though that if all else was equal and you seemed “stuck” between two choices that i would go with slightly firmer rather than slightly softer simply because it’s a safer choice although you have the backup of the layer exchange to “correct” any mistakes you may make. Firmer would also help to make up for the thicker comfort layer for a stomach sleeper. The goal with combination stomach/side sleepers is “just enough” pressure relief for the side so that there is less alignment risk on the stomach. This can be adjusted with either layer thickness or layer firmness. If you are only spending very small amounts of time on your stomach this may not be an issue. How long you spend in each position makes a difference in how much it needs to be taken into account.

To me the “transition” region may be nice but the biggest benefit of the Eurotop (or any of the exchangeable layer mattresses on their own site) would be the layer exchange which means you can use your own personal experience if necessary to make your best final choice rather than “theory”.


Thanks, I appreciate your input, and this website. It’s like finding fresh water in a hostile desert.