3" vs 2" talalay topper for medium dunlop latex mattress

6’1’’ 150lbs.
i had originally ordered a talalay 3" medium (28 ILD) topper for my way-too-firm standard mattress - but had ridden and replaced the mattress by the time the topper arrived.
it was replaced with a sleep-on-latex 9" mattress with medium dunlop top layer. i had read that the SOL dunlop medium may feel a little more “firm” than normal, but upon arrival it was fairly plush - however it was obvious i would still require a comfort layer/topper for side sleeping.

it’s evident the 3" talalay topper (medium, 28ILD) is too firm to function as a comfort layer on top of the medium latex mattress top layer. what’s interesting is while i do get the “floating on a cloud” feeling with the topper, i overall seem to prefer the medium top layer of the mattress alone (without the topper).

with the existing medium topper being too firm, i am now investigating a soft talalay topper replacement - but have reservations about thickness and whether it would be more appropriate for a 2" layer vs 3".

just curious as to any input for someone my size and where 2" would be more appropriate than 3". i am just looking for a little additional comfort, but worried the 3" soft may provide too much sink in.

thank you.

Hello Mike7000

Thank you kindly for your inquiry. It is indeed very interesting that you find the 3" Talalay medium layer to be too firm on top of your medium Dunlop mattress surface. In most cases a Talalay medium layer is softer than a Dunlop medium layer of the same ILD range. However, if your mattress feels more comfortable to you without the medium Talalay topper on top, I would recommend the 2" soft Talalay as opposed to a 3". If the surface of your mattress is already close to what you like/need, and you are looking to add just a bit more contour on top, then a 3" soft Talalay maybe too much. Based on the info you have provided, I would suggest the 2".

Please let us know what you decide to do. Thanks again, have a wonderful evening!

thank you. i’m going to continue with just the SOL 9" medium mattress (no topper, it’s being returned) and let my body fully adjust over time to then be able to accurately diagnose or identify any new problems - but it is clear the mattress top-layer (medium dunlop) is not soft enough to facilitate the comfort layer and thus a soft topper will be required.

while the 3" talalay medium topper is soft to the touch (little resistance squeezing/compressing the foam in my hand), there just doesn’t seem to be as much sink in as i would have expected for my slender body type (150lbs, 6’1’').

with the topper flat on the hardwood floor (no mattress), i do not fully sink through to the floor (bottom-out) when laying on my back. when laying on my side i sink further, but it stil feels like there is still a little cushion of support remaining under my shoulder.

now understanding this behavior with respect to the medium firmness, i’m predicting the soft will be more in-line with my “sink in” expectations - it’s just a matter of the topper thickness.

are there any other basic criteria that is used when determining when a 2" soft topped would be required vs a 3"? is it a common problem that a 3" soft topper would provide too much sink-in and induce the hammock feeling (or where you lose spinal alignment)?

i’m also starting to question whether i would rather prefer a dunlop soft topper vs the talalay, seeing as how i’m not perceiving any negative feelings regarding the SOL mattress medium dunlop top layer. this is my first experience with either types of latex - so i’m still attempting to identify and understand my preferences. thank you.