3½ years on my custom emperor mattress - a retrospective

Back in 2017 I posted here asking about getting the components for making a mattress and got a lot of help
Finished it in 2018 middle endian » making an emperor bed

And here’s my review after sleeping in it for 3½ years.

I hope this is helpful for anyone who’s looking to make a DIY mattress

Hi MiscellaneousBeef.

We appreciate you coming back to share your review! I love how realistic it is and you were able to reflect on what went wrong and celebrate what went right.
I’m sure this will prove useful to others in the forum!


This is impressive. I did a similar build with an intellibed topper, an inch of latex underneath except I used coils underneath the latex. I find buckling column gel very comfortable in all sleep positions and it sleeps cool. Its right up there with talalay latex and zoned nano coils imo.

Mr. Yabo:

You mention that one of the most comfortable mattress configurations for you personally included zoned microcoils. Can you share the complete configuration of your mattress with microcoils? In a prior post, you mentioned that Hickory Springs manufactures microcoils. I checked their website and they have several zoned microcoils models. Have you used Hickory Springs microcoils in your mattress, and if that is the case, what model? Thanks very much for your insights.