4" Foundation recommendation?

I’m about to pull the trigger on a DreamFoam memory gel or a latex mattress in a Cal King. I weigh 250+ lbs, wife not quite as heavy. We are replacing an air bed in an existing rustic pine log bed with headboard and footboard.

I have been looking @ Classic Brands Low Profile Foundation Box Spring, 4 Inch, California King Size on Amazon for $225.

Are there other foundations out there I roughly 4" in height? The metal frame variety isn’t going to work, as we have wood rails connecting the head and foot boards.

Is this foundation going to work with the DreamFoam, or are there other low profile foundations out there that would be better?

First time poster, but really appreciate the information available on this forum.

Hi Amache,

I’m not familiar with the Classic Brands foundation but I would make sure that the slats are a maximum of 5" apart. With higher weights or heavier mattresses I would look for closer to 4" and 3" would be even stronger and more evenly supportive yet.

If 5.5" is not too high and you wanted a stronger foundation then the US Boxspring low profile foundation here here has gaps that are less than 3".

The Triton low profile foundation would also be fine.

If you do find out the size of the gaps for the Classic Brands and it’s OK then it’s also available at Walmart here for a lower cost.


I purchased the Classic Brands 4" wood foundation. Rather inexpensive online, and the fit is correct for a Cal King mattress. Bolts and screws made it easy to assemble in about 30 minutes. Highly recommend for a slim fit.

Hi Amache,

Thanks for letting us know what you ended up deciding … I appreciate it.

How far apart are the slats in the foundation?