40% off OMI mattresses - today only until 5pm PDT

Not sure how appropriate it is to post “deals”, but for those looking for a high-quality “natural/organic” latex mattress, lifekind.com is offering 40% off their mattresses today until 5pm PDT. Lifekind is the on-line version of OrganicPedic (both part of OMI). Unfortunately, they don’t post their prices online, and you have to call them to find out the original price and the discounted price. The Lifekind brand is also slightly more expensive than OrganicPedic (omimattress.com). While they are not the best “value” by any means, OMI does make some of the “cleanest” mattresses in the industry and their quality and reputation is excellent. Their stretch cotton mattress ticking is also some of the best I’ve tried! For those looking for a completely natural option, and value all their green certifications, I doubt you can get a better price on an OMI mattress than 40% off today.

Hi LAsleeper,

It’s always appropriate and “welcome” as long as it’s not the manufacturer themselves “self promoting” which of course isn’t the case with any or your posts.

When I was doing some fairly extensive testing … I really liked the feel of the OMI Terra in particular … although as you say it certainly isn’t the best “value” at their regular prices.

Thanks for letting us know :).


Thanks, Phoenix - can you please delete this thread at the end of the day?

Hi LAsleeper,

I sure will … unless you think it’s worth keeping as part of the historical record or to show that OMI can actually sell their mattress for less which may be “bargaining chip” for those who are considering it at another “not on sale” time.


OK - if anyone can get a deal from OMI when stuff’s not on sale, they are a better negotiator than I.

Would love to hear if anyone took advantage of this deal, and what they got and paid for it.

In the absence of a sale, in your opinion, which internet retailer offers the best value for latex mattresses?

Hi cagazote,

There is really no way to objectively measure or quantify value because each person places more or less importance in many different factors when they are buying a mattress. All of these individual tradeoffs and choices are part of what I call someone’s “value equation”. In other words … there is no such thing as a “best value” outlet … there is only “best” for each individual.

What I try to do instead is to give people choices between “good and good” so that they can make meaningful comparisons and choose the outlet that offers the best “value” according to their own personal value equation.

The business members of this site listed here are among the “best of the best” IMO and this is part of the criteria I use when inviting various outlets and manufacturers to become members. I would “guess” that this list will eventually reach about 50 members or a bit more over the coming year or two based on my research and conversations with many manufacturers or outlets that are not yet members. My comments in the forum often mention some of the manufacturers or outlets that I think highly of that are not (yet) members of the site.

Some of the members specialize in online (or better yet on the phone) sales and guidance and they are listed with a brief description in post #21 here.

Hope this helps.


Hi- I just saw this thread up, and I wanted to pop in with some information, straight from the horses mouth. :slight_smile:

We have lowered the regular pricing on both our Trio (which is a three layer mattress) and the Euro, which is our standard, best-selling mattress. We have also heard customers’ concerns that they can’t see the prices online, and we have started making some of the prices available online, and a few of our mattresses can now be purchased online.

We also made a switch so that you can now get an instant price through email. Those of us in the younger generation at Lifekind definitely agree that we should have the mattresses prices posted online, but the higher ups still want to give very personal service to our customers, which is why they like to have customers call in. We have had some success with posting pricing online, so perhaps the tides are changing as people get more comfortable making large purchases online.

Hopefully this helps anyone who finds this thread in the future.