6 inch Quantum Edge Coils... Where are they?

Has anyone had any luck finding 6 inch Quantum Edge Coils?

The reason I want these coils is because:

  • [li] The are the most recommended coils for side sleepers
    [li] I see a good amount of complaints for the 8inch Quantum coil for side sleepers. The 8inch coils are too soft.
    [li] More coils then Caliber edge means less pressure points and less chance of feeling a partner move in the bed.
    [li] It is really hard finding reviews or documentation for Ascension 6inch Coils.
  • Spending 100-200 more above caliber edge doesn’t bother me.

Did you find a seller?

Hi rishik.

Sorry we missed you post last November!

We’d also like to know if you had success finding 6" coils. If so, where? If not, Latex Mattress Factory does offer this product.


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