6 inch vs 9 inch All Latex mattress - are the extra 3 inches worth the premium.

Hi Phoenix, I am a newbie researching for a new mattress. You have a ton of great information on this site. Thanks for that. I had thought of getting a memory foam but am now thinking about latex. I am wondering if a 7 inch latex mattress(6 inch latex) is sufficient or if the extra 3 inches of latex for a 10 inch mattress makes a big difference. Specifically , long term , I weigh about 165 and my wife weighs around 125, do you think 6 inch might feel like bottoming out. I am trying to determine from a cost vs usage perspective if the extra 700-800 dollars are worth for the extra 3 inches. If someone has experience with 6 inch mattress and its feel long term , their perspective on this would also be welcome.

Hi Bvalluri,

In case you haven’t read it already … post #1 here is the first place I would start your research.

Mattress thickness by itself means very little and the design of the mattress and the layers it uses will have much more to do with the suitability of a mattress in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, pressure relief, and Personal preferences) than the thickness itself.

While it’s not likely that you would bottom out on 6" of latex … it may also not be the most suitable option for you because a 6" mattress doesn’t have much thickness to design in separate support and comfort layers in most cases and thinner mattresses tend to feel firmer than a thicker mattress that uses the same materials. For some people a 6" latex mattress would be “perfect” and for others it wouldn’t work at all. You can read a little more in post #14 here about the potential benefits of thicker mattresses but ultimately it will depend on your testing and how suitable a mattress is for your specific needs and preferences. The thickness of a mattress is only one of many factors that may play a role in which mattress is “best” for you.


Thank you for your response. I am going thru many of the threads and there is lot of information.