7 years sleeping on a Sofa; now can't get comfy on a Latex mattress! Why? How?

After sleeping about seven years on an increasingly indented sofa, I broke the bank and bought a latex sofa from a leading internet all-latex mattress/topper company. I purchased their “medium” stiffness mattress first, but that seemed too hard. So, I put the company’s 3-inch “soft” latex topper on top of the “medium” but that was too cushy, so I returned both the “medium” mattress and the “soft” topper and bought the same company’s “soft” mattress. Still, I am not comfy. The “soft” mattress feels hard in the core of it, and I awake with sore hips. Should I give the mattress more time? Could sleeping on a sofa that lacked support have damaged me somehow, and now that I want to have a normal bed, I’m sort of ruined?

Hello and thanks for reaching out! I’d be happy to help, but I’d like to ask a few questions to make sure I provide the best answer possible - Do you know the ILD ratings of the layers you have now? Also, if you don’t mind me asking, about how tall are you, about how much do you weigh, and do you prefer to sleep on your side, stomach, or back?

Hello! My soft mattrress has a core of 24 ILD core with a 2" 20 ILD layer at the top. I’m 5’5" and weigh about 160 pounds. I seem to sleep on my side the most, but end of waking up on my back. I’m kind of a sleep mess :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out!

Oh I also forgot to ask, are the layers Talalay or Dunlop?

It is Dunlap.

From the layer description it sounds like the Standard Soft configuration from Sleep On Latex.

very astute! Yep :slight_smile:

Hi annabanana,

I’m not sure how long you’ve had the new mattress, but if you’ve been sleeping on the old mattress for 7 years, you want to sleep on the new mattress for at least 30 days to allow your body time to adjust to the new setup. The new mattress has different properties of contour, pressure relief, and support, and it really does take 30 days sometimes more for your body to adjust.

Thanks. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now … not workin’ for me :frowning: