8 inch max latex mattress for child's bunk bed - need soon! (in NYC)

Due to some issues of various sorts, we need to get a pure latex/natural mattress soon for our 2 year old. Ideally within 1 week.

I did a quick scan around, and couldn’t find anyone local to NYC as a recommended retailer. Ideally less than $1000 and can’t be more than 8 inches since it will go into a bunk bed and most of them have very limited heights that they can accept.

Any recs for someone local or, alternatively, one that is commonly available?

Hi tknx,

Some of the better posts about children and mattresses with goo information and links to some good sources are listed in post #2 here.

The better choices I’m aware of in the NYC area are listed in post #2 here and there is a more categorized list with some more detailed descriptions in post #7 here.

I think that Mark at Dixie foam would be one of the first local places I would visit if I was in your shoes.


I’ve tried calling and emailing dixiefoam with no response after several days. Definitely does not inspire any confidence at all that they will be there if there turns out to be a problem. So I would suggest taking them off the recommendation list.

I will try once more today at noon.

Hi tknx,

I called him today (just now) and he answered on the third ring.

He told me he is working on opening a new location and has been having some difficulties with his phone line.

Mark is truly “mattress people” and well worth visiting and I think highly of him.

Sometimes when you are dealing with smaller manufacturers that don’t have the larger staff (or profit margins) of the chain stores it can be a little more difficult to reach them when there are customers in the store or if they are involved in some of the other duties that are required (they usually wear several hats) but it’s well worth a little patience and there’s no doubt that they are well worth connecting with.

I certainly wouldn’t remove them from the NY list because they are among the best quality/value in NYC.


Gave it another shot and got through and just placed an order…