9 year old Sealy is on it's way out, thinking latex?


Upon looking for a mattress to replace my current one, I discovered the rabbit hole that is mattress shopping. From what I’ve researched latex seems to be one of the better choices for me. I sleep hot on my coil mattress, so I don’t think memory foam will be a good choice. But beyond that it’s hard to narrow down the finer points of a mattress. Figured the ask an expert forum would be a great place to get that narrowed down.

bit of info:
Frame: queen with slats

Me: 5’7", 145lbs, back and sometimes side sleeper, sleeps hot (read sweaty as can be sometimes), runner, it worker, mild insomnia, shoulder injury that is on the mend but as taken a while

Wife: 5’4", 135lbs, front and side sleeper mostly, sometimes neck and lower back pain, lite sleeper

HI Soverntear,

Correct, memory foam sleeps hot, so either dunlop, talalay latex (or a combination of both) will be a better choice for you.

I suggest you read the mattress shopping tutorial first (if you haven’t already)

This will guide you along your journey to choose the mattress that’s right for you PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences).

I also suggest you read the latex - Pros and Cons article as it will help you decide if a latex mattress is right for you.

Did I answer all your question?
Please let me know if you need any further information.

All the Best!