A good deal?

This is wonderful website to learn all about latex mattress. Thanks.

I wonder if you could comment on a product I want to purchase:

Plushbeds 9" Botanical Bliss mattress: a king split with adjustable base have futures as organic cotton cover, 100% pure Joma New Zealan wool, 3" 100% natural Talalay latex, and 6" 100% natual Dunlop latex core. And it is on sale for $5298, is this a good deal?

The price is very high, but my husband and I both have back issues. Just want to make sure it worth the investment.

Hi sue,

Plushbeds uses good quality materials but while they are “better than average” value … they are not in the “best value range” compared to other online choices that use similar materials and have the same or more options available in terms of selection and have better value. A forum search on “Plushbeds” (you can just click this) will bring up many posts about them with more information and some comparisons with other manufacturers.

Some of the better online options I know of are listed in post #21 here. Alll of these are invited members of this site which means I consider them to be among the best quality/value in the country.

I would also treat your mattress purchase and your adjustable bed purchase separately so you are comparing apples to apples with each part of your purchase.

Some of the better adjustable bed choices in terms of value (and the ones I use for price references) are …

http://www.adjustabeds.com/ (a member of the site who provides a 5% discount for forum members on most but not all of their adjustables)
http://www.adjustablebeds.org/ Carries a wide range of brands with good prices
http://atlanticbeds.com/ Very good prices for Leggett & Platt adjustables.


Hi Phoenix,

Thank you so much. Yes I end up buying from SleepEZ for the organic latex mattress today. and buy the adjustable base from other company.

Your web site is so educational, I have rushed read as much information as possible and they are fascinating to me. I wish had time to follow strict steps to buy a good bed. But with the various combination of SleepEZ latex layers, I might able to find good fit, if not it is easy to exchange certain layer from SleepEZ. Sue

Hi sue,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

SleepEz is a great choice and is one of the best combinations of quality, value, and service in the country.