A good place to buy natural latex mattresses

After out Select Comfort air mattresses delaminated & went to the deflation graveyard, I research like crazy to determine what bed we should get, and where we should get it. Natural latex seemed to be the way to go, and after comparing features & prices we ended up at foamsweetfoam.com. His prices were good. He only sells natural or organic latex, and has a really simple system for selling it. He orders the latex only in 3" thick slabs, and then sells them in nice covers with 2, 3, or 4 of those slabs in them. The covers unzip; I really liked being able to see what is inside the mattress, and being able to turn or rearrange the various slabs. He’s been in business for 30 years. He has a spacious, clean, well-laid-out showroom with all queen & king beds to try out. 75% of his sales are via the Internet. I just wanted to say that we drove up to his place & came back with a bed that is sumptuous, & it’s clear that he is a low keyed, straightforward, experienced dealer.

Hi SanDiego,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I have talked with Foam Sweet Foam on several occasions and like you, I think highly of them. IMO they are one of the better outlets.

They are in Lake Forest which means I normally include them in the list of Los Angeles area outlets (about 50 miles away) rather than the San Diego area list (about 80 miles away). Either way though … if they are close enough for a drive, they are well worth including in someone’s research and IMO their knowledge, quality, value, and service is very good.

They are also one of the better online outlets IMO although as you probably know … an online purchase would always be my “second choice” if similar quality and value that I could actually test was available locally.

Thanks for sharing your feedback … it’s much appreciated!