a new mattress and can not waiting to have try

hi am new guy here
today i got a new mattress website and found a new kind of mattress which is an irresistible combination of soft and firm with Memory Foam, Foam mattress is my favorite.

what the most interesting is 120-Night Trial!!! i can not believe, after trial If i don’t love the mattress, the vendor will send a driver to pick it up for FREE and give me a FULL REFUND. that is the main consideration before i purchase a new mattress.

i can not waiting to have a try.

i will post the reviews here after i use it.

Hi Mimei0130,

You’ve posted twice here just three days ago on the site - did you already forget about that? :wink:

I’m happy that you’ve found a new mattress! I’d be interested in learning about what you chose. Unfortunately, your post doesn’t list any information about what you purchased, but instead seems to be a copy of an advertisement for the product.

For many people (such as yourself) shopping online, being able to return a product for an exchange/refund is an important part of their personal value equation. Most online brands offer exchanges/returns lasting anywhere from 30 to 365 days.

While this is not a review site, I would be interested in learning more about what you purchased and your thoughts about the product after you’ve had a chance to sleep upon it for a while.